The best campfire grills and tailgating grills from $49 to $129

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The Amazing Grill is an unique Outdoor Grilling System, grills and accessories for every outdoor event. They are great for camping, RVing, back  packing, canoeing, tail gating, backyard barbeques, hunting, and even lunch at the park. The grill is constructed of strong steel and is completely adjustable. This makes it perfect for cooking over a campfire.

The Amazing Grill has several features that sets it apart from other grills, built in strength, and leg support for larger poles, grates and accessories. All grills and accessories are designed for easy setup, easy cooking, and easy storage. Each grill and accessory is completely adjustable, turns 360 degrees, and adjust up and down, with the collar, one adjustment can be made without changing the other. Which this makes raising and lowering the grate to regulate the temperature easy. The 360 degrees swing motion allows you move your food in and out of the heat of your campfire, for greater control, loading, flipping, and serving convenience.

With The Amazing Grill you can cook over a campfire or with a portable firebox that mounts to the pole. Charcoal or wood chunks can be used in the firebox. This makes it possible to grill where campfires, or fire rings are not allowed or available. The firebox is included in the Ali-Gator and Tail Gator Grill kits.

Another great accessory is a the portable stand for concrete or asphalt, with the firebox makes perfect for tail gating and backyard barbeques. The Stand is available as an accessory and is included in the Tail Gator Grill kit.

The Expedition Grill (The Original Grill) includes a 16" x 24" grate, 42" stake with support legs, 22" Dutch Oven arm, Dutch hook, 2 collars, grill hook & end cap. This grill is great for families and groups, with a large cooking surface and the Dutch Oven arm for those great cobblers and homemade biscuits over a campfire.

Amazing Grills has many adjustable campfire grills available for your outdoor cooking needs, you are able to safely and effectively control how your meal is cooked above the flames.

Whether you're preparing hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, stews, cobblers or homemade biscuits, recipes seem to taste better when cooked over an open fire. The best parts of going camping  are good friends, great food, and the great outdoors.

Try some our favorite campfire and Dutch Oven recipes we have found over the years of camping and RVing. 




Leg support for larger poles, grates and accessories.


Raised side edges to keep food from rolling off.


Grate supports for built in strength.


With the collar one adjustment can be made without changing the other.




Drive stake and support legs into the ground.

Slide on and tighten one collar.

Slide the grate on the stake, leave bolt loose at this time to turn 360 degrees.

Install any accessories needed for cooking.

Turn grate with hook and build your campfire.

Adjust grate with hook, slide grate up, move collar up or down to desire height and tighten, slide grate down with hook  to collar.


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